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Hello Friends, I can’t keep calm my new book is finally out. It’s live on Amazon. I am delighted to announce to you the publication of ‘Happiness At Last’. I still can’t believe it.

After so much time writing ✍ then came the draining editing and re-editing. At a point I thought the humour was all gone due to so much corrections but I kept my cool.

Like I told you, it is worth the wait.

Please check it out here and let me know your views. It’s available for purchase in Amazon, Authorhouse and will be on Barnes and nobles soonest. Authorhouse has  a preview for you as well.

I will be posting more about it. It feels surreal.

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  1. Ye all have to go grab your copy, I just ordered mine and I can’t wait to start reading

      1. I meant that you could draw on what you know such as moving from Nigeria to London, not that it was your personal story. Sorry for the confusion with my comment.

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