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Still on the Blogmas spirit. I so much look forward to boxing day sales. Normally, I have lists of things I like to buy or simply names of people, whereby I will look at the names I will find something for them. Nonetheless, at times, I go beyond my list especially  when I see something I consider very useful.

During Christmas, my 25th is basically go to church and have a good family meal. Then comes 26th – the sales, sales and sales day. In the last few years, I would queue up at Next as early as 6.30 am. Even at that early hours of the day I am like number 200 or something above that in the queue.

When I eventually get in, I would browse the entire shop for items that catch my eyes. It’s really fun to see those nice and expensive clothes, purses, gifts and kitchen wares reduced to lower prices. Looking at my lists, you can tell the things I normally go for. I do take my time and fill my shopping bag before the deselection process begins, when am done. Normally, by that time I am exhausted and cannot wait to leave the shop with my latest purchases.

However, lately I mainly buy online and will be doing same this year. I go to the shops later in the day or sometime in the week to see or pick a few good things remaining. Luckily, I live close to a shopping arena, where there is Primark, Next, Sports world and the rest of them.

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My method of surviving the sales involves the following:

  • Gathering items I like first.
  • Choosing only the ones I need – at this phase, after gathering and I drop so many items.
  • Checking my budget.
  • Scaling down further to make sure I do not spend more than necessary and giving priority to items on list – Guys, I lose a few items at this stage too.  [I use this method online too].

Don’t worry, if I mention lists a lot, I jot down almost any thing.

Finally, by the time am done, I leave the shop with the items I really need. There are a few exceptions to certain things that I see and find very useful even when not included in my list. I will like to know what works for you.


I have had so much fun putting up Blogmas posts this period, I even posted more than once in a week like I had thought at first. So, this is my last blogmas post – am not going to say unfortunately,

I wish you Happy Spending – Don’t  over do it.

Merry Christmas 🎄 to you and your household . I’m sending great tidings of love, peace and happiness your way 😊

7 Replies to “Blogmas – How To Survive Boxing Day Sales”

  1. I can’t wait for the sales on boxing day. its a fun day that i always enjoy with the family.

  2. Boxing Day is simply 2nd day in Christmas 🎄. I haven’t experience the boxing 🥊 if that’s what you mean😄

    The Boxing Day Sales is common here in the UK. In Nigeria, it’s normally church bazaar sales where they sell various items. Either way, I’m used to 26th day Sales.

    I know about thanksgiving but didn’t know they have sales as well around that time. Merry Christmas and thank you Elizabeth.

  3. Oh wow, happy spending! I’ve done it two weeks before Christmas. I admit, I kind over spent, though. Hehe.. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your holidays. 😁❤️

    1. Thanks Geybie😆 You did yours early. Hope you had it was a cheap buy? Yeah, my Christmas is going well. Happy Christmas 🎄 and have a wonderful 2018. Welcome to my blog.

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