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There are lots of times I meet people and wonder if they are actually set out to upset any one that comes their way. I wish I can write this post without sounding a bit redundant. I am not going to tell you how much people underestimate the power of being polite towards another.

Show some love to people you come across. Be kind and use polite words. Life is hard on its own, the least you can do is simply a little act of kindness and put a smile on the face of others.

Have you wondered how people seem to be so serious-minded when you walk past them in the streets? Everyone’s mind is pre-occupied and these people have tons of information their brain is trying to process: it could be something that brings them eustress or distress. Either way, there is stress but I can tell you the latter is the commonest.

For instance, today I saw this woman who looked so worried and disturbed. As she walked, she struggled with a bag was carrying, as if the bag was the problem. As I approached her, I smiled -like a big smile- if you know what I mean. She stopped, smiled back, sighed and continued smiling.


At that moment alone, she forgot what was bothering her. I hope she thought of better things to enlighten her day. If mere smile can have that effect what about other little acts?

Times can be hard but we do not need to be hard on ourselves or others. Let’s try and encourage others in any little way we can.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Can you practice being nice to people regardless of your mood or situation right now?

7 Replies to “A little Act of Kindness”

  1. A little smile and a little humor can smooth over many things. Yesterday I mistakenly got in the express lane with 12 items of less sign with my cart of a week’s worth of groceries. I apologized to the woman behind me joking that I couldn’t read. She joked back that I had a basket full of multiples of 12, so I was all right. A grumpy situation made very pleasant by us both.

  2. I wish many people understand that. Smile and humour are both recipes for longevity. Aw! Bless her, such attitude eases off a lot of tension. Thank you 🙏🏼 Elizabeth for sharing your encounter.

  3. you are so right, some people just give you dirty looks for no reason despite the fact that they don’t even know you. we have to show kindness towards one another.

    1. Hey! See who we have here. I simply ignore those that give dirty looks, life is too short for dramas. It pays to be nice; like you😄 Thanks for checking us out.

    1. Aw! Bless him Gayathri. It’s really nice when we have role model as parents who groom us for the society. It’s worth emulating. Carry on Dear. Welcome to my blog🙏🏼

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