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Hi friends, in the course of editing the manuscript for my new novel, I realised there are lots of words I repeated more than the others. You need to see how many times I have edited this work – Ah!

I have noticed that most novels are written in past tense, in the sense that the writer narrates what had already happened. In my initial drafts, it was mixed up; both present and past tenses. My novel is a fiction.

Are you are a writer or have such knowledge? I will like to know what works for you tenses wise. For instance, ‘had and would’ are always handy for me.

To be honest, the writing was kind of easy-going, because I wrote as the ideas came along and at the times and the days it did came; simply hitting the keyboards however, this editing phase seems to be more than I had imagined. It’s taking a lot of time and am yet to get it to the level I want. It has been edited by other people and a professional editor too.

On a different note, I read about book promotion before publication. Have you tried that? How did it go? I will like to try it in terms of creating more awareness.

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