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I was speaking with a friend the other day and for some reasons she seemed to be full of negative views and perceptions of life. She tried to narrate most of her encounters to me; which she found very displeasing. There was so much bitterness and a sort negative energy as she spoke and almost every scenario seems to be worthless or have some negative news in stock for her.

However, as I listened to her I felt her pain to an extent but I do not think my friend is handling the situation the best way she could. To be honest, she can only jeopardise the beautiful future that I can see that lies ahead of her and most importantly would fail herself.

I have known this friend back in the days and I tried to remind her of situations where she made very good decisions/choices and when she had encouraged other people. ‘You are the still same person and can do whatever you convince yourself to do; just start from somewhere’, I said to her.
I tried to let her see that all those instances she has termed bad luck were not necessarily bad luck. ‘Sometimes, things happen for a reason and there are times they just happen. How we cope is what differentiates us from another,’ I told her.

In my opinion, there are lots of things one ought to be grateful for; if not for anything: the gift of life, shelter, clothes and food on our table. Being able to drive expensive cars and go on vacation yearly should not be a yardstick for measuring a good life.
Nonetheless, as humans, there are times we are faced with difficult challenges and think all seems bleak and the future doomed, that too will come and go. I strongly believe that no situation is permanent, what matters is what we make out of any given situation. 
As I and my friend chatted, I asked her about her faith and encouraged her to muster the strength to fight her battles. ‘You are still young, have your career and have a very supportive family – all of these should serve as a drive for you. When for you feel down-casted, look back and thank God for all you have.  ‘I think you already have a lot’, that made her laugh. 
I made her realise that she cannot give up on her life goals and most importantly not to give up on herself. Finally, I encouraged her go to God in prayers and leave all that troubles her with Him.  
The conversation reminded me of a book I read some time ago ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. I encouraged my friend to go through it. This book speaks in great volume about positive thinking; how thoughts and feelings creates one’s life, how feeling good sends a good signal into the universe and attracts good things to the individual. It mentioned things like having secret shifters i.e. list of things that can help change how one is feeling in a snap such as funny moments, favourite music, someone you love etc. 
The book comprises of collections from different writers. It is a nice piece of work. 

Have a beautiful August my Lovelies.

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