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I went to get some chicken from a poultry shop and succeeded in having a nice chat with the sales personnel. At first, it was hard work for me to locate the shop because I was looking for a fresh or possibly live one, it was my first time there after about 6 years ago; I was there with someone. 
On sighting the building and it’s unique yellow painting and drawings, I suddenly knew it was the particular shop I had in mind, after been to couple of other shops and asking after this very shop. 
On reaching there, there were varieties of chicken  I could choose from. The guy helped me made a good choice and admired the ring I had on my finger. We got chatting and he asked for the significances or my cultural interpretations of wearing rings on different fingers. ‘The index finger is for singles or students, third is for engaged people, fourth is the marriage one while the last one is for widow/widower. As for the thumb, I am not so sure what it stands for, maybe for native doctors’, those were my honest answers. We both laughed, especially in regards to the last bit of my explanation.

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It was then that I asked him to tell me why he had a band-less ring on his last finger and I made interesting discoveries. He said that in Morocco where he hails from, parents usually give a ring of luck to their children; to guard them, when they want to leave for a foreign land and in his case it was his mother who gave him the ring.
I was pleased to hear that, in a way that it melted my heart. I actually felt home sick although am not from Morocco. In reality, it got me thinking about the attachment of people to where they originated from and how they so much cherish it , irrespective of how they fare where they found themselves.

At the end I said to him, ‘I hope the ring continues to bring you luck’. I suppose he enjoyed the chat too.  I was going to ask him more about his Country but then I was only there to get some meat, so, the meats were neatly cut and packed and off I go.

P.S  We will like to know if you have a special meaning for wearing a ring on a particular finger or at least, your cultural perception of  it. Thanks in advance.

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