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In life, it is very essential that we willingly forgive our fellow men, no matter what they do to us. This is very important because nobody is perfect and can overtly boast of not erring. Indeed, it sounds like a task that could be impossible to achieve but with the true definition of Christianity at heart, it is actually achievable and of considerable benefit to those that indulge in it. In addition, our lives seem to be a model for other people as it reflects the Christ-like image divinely bestowed upon us all.

Although, it is a unique and selfless way of living, it is an exceedingly tedious and demanding dutiful life.It transforms our reasoning but does not affect our relationship with one another. To most people, you act in a manner they cannot comprehend and wonder why you think that is a good way of life but you alone know your inner drives and happiness.

I was in a middle of a conversation with an elderly Woman the other day and she made me understood the concept of forgiveness the more. Being a staunch Catholic, she thought she was living the ideal christian life and practising her faith. She usually says the Lord’s Prayer and chants it till a problem she never imagined befell her family and all they have lived for, made her meet a powerful Priest that made her read meaning into each line of Our Lord’s Prayer. For the first time in her entire life, she realized she isn’t that worthy of saying such prayer;a mere prayer she easily rattles within the twinkle of an eye.

She kept living like that for a while but couldn’t understand her life anymore and knew she needed to let go of all that have wronged her in one way or the other. Not that she does not talk to some of them, she does for talking sake but in her heart she is not at peace with them.

She narrated many ugly encounters she had had with people and how life can be cruel,sometimes. It was a touching story but I at least understood her for who she was. At a point, she broke down. There was so much betrayal from trusted friends,deceits and all sorts of malicious acts.

She lacked words to express the way she felt the very day she truly let go of her past and in her heart of heart forgave all that have wronged her.

Surprisingly to her, it reflected on the way she currently communicates with them, in cases of those she has been able to meet. She felt lighter than ever, as though a heavy burden was lifted off her chest.

Personally, I think it would have been better if most times we sincerely forgive and forget. I can recall hearing it often when I was younger and even said it a couple of times but now, I doubt whether it is feasible or maybe one of those instances of ‘easier said than done‘.

Well, I guess there are issues that find their way off our memory while some depending on how probing we found them never leave us no matter how hard we try.

All in all, it is of our best interest and duty to forgive others just as we would want our Creator and fellow humans to treat us.

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