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In life, we seek different things.
And that tends to direct our various pathways.
We set goals
And work earnestly to see them accomplished.

No matter how long it takes
Where it leads us to
Irrespective of what we encounter
We remain focused

As humans, who are diverse in nature
And almost insatiable
We quest for better ways
Long for everything good throughout our lifetime.

Most times encountering difficulties
There are times we almost gave-up
Thinking we cannot go any longer
But we never did.

Some people’s road might be straight
Some with bends
A few hilly
Others seem to be mixed up.

What matters is that we all have purpose
We know we are heading somewhere
You might be there now
I am right behind you.
Follow your road and I follow mine
That we are not on the same path
Does not mean I am on the wrong track
Neither does it say that I am lost.

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