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Vivien Ayinotu is an author. She is delighted to present her own written story to the world.

Viviensvoice is a platform where she writes stories about life experiences to inspire others. She wants to influence people and wants everyone to believe in themselves even when situations look so bleak.

She discusses other topics such as health, faith and all that revolves around them. Her previous domain name was ‘Writingisrewarding’ in 2013 before she changed to ‘Viviensvoice’ in Nov. 2017. She intends to share her story about her writing journey; from writing to publishing.

Creativity is a gift many people have but sharing it with the world is not very common. Viviensvoice can be perceived as Vivien’s story book as it allows her to air her views in her own unique way.

Vivien is a wife, mother and a nurse. She enjoys every bit of what she does as it enables her to showcase her personal qualities.

Vivien says “I place God first in all my endeavours because when you do that the sky becomes your steppingstone”.

“If only people remembered how they started, there would be less drama in the world” – Vivien Ayinotu.

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