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The other day while I was at work I got into a conversation with a patient. I will refer to her as “Maria” in this post. For my new readers, I am a nurse by profession.

As we chatted, Maria nicely asked,

“Vivien what do you do in spare time? Hope you don’t mind me asking” she added.

“No. That’s fine.” I replied.

I read books but mainly write stories among other things.

“Are you a writer?” she keenly asked.

“No. Not yet, am finalizing my first novel which is out soonest.

She immediately became interested and asked me what the book was all about. In my book, I have included stories that my Mum had told me about how people have lived back in the sixties although the majority of the story is fiction. In fact, the former was the primary motive for the novel as I so much wanted to tell my future kids [I have one now though] how people have survived in the past centuries.  However, as the characters developed the story became more interesting and I decided I have to share it with the world.

Back to Maria, she was very touched to hear all that and told me how her father have asked her niece what she wanted from him during a family gathering and her response.

“Tell me the story of your life,” the little girl politely answered her grandpa.

Maria’s father was surprised to hear that but it turned to be the a cherished time for both of them as he shared most of his wonderful life memories with her.

Maria asked for my book’s title and wrote it down. She told me she will look for it in amazon and leave a review. I was blown away by her kind-heartedness and interest.

I was thrilled by mere someone’s genuine interest in a book that is yet to be published. She truly made my day. That day was stressful like most shifts but our conversation made it worth the while. I was happy, still happy about that encounter.

I was amazed because I realized I have somewhat promoted my book in the course of doing my professional duties; which was not intentional. Maria was very happy too as she said I was kind and one of the best nurses she has met in her entire years of going to the hospitals. What a compliment!

“Thank you” I said while my face glittered with smiles.

The book is out next month. I will keep you posted.

19 Replies to “Excited Over Just One Reader”

    1. I know…Thank you Apple. It was a beautiful experience for me. I will definitely let you know when it’s out. Thanks again for your interest🙏🏼

  1. I had to chuckle over the reference to life back in the 60’s. Of course that seems recent to me. But it does encourage me to keep writing about the “olden days” for my younger readers.

    1. Hahaha! I understand what you mean Elizabeth. The thing is the stories my Mum told me in regards to how things were done then. It has all changed drastically now. For instance, they wrote letters whereas now we’ve got instant messaging, phone and video calls.

      Kids of this generation know nothing about living without phones or internet.

      Keep posting please, this generation needs to know how their grandparents had survived. I still read those old days post of yours and enjoy them 😊

      Have a beautiful weekend.

      1. I have a whole lot of ideas for future posts now that I realize I lived in the olden days. Lead pencils, ink pens, dictionaries, encyclopedias, travel agents, pay phones, operators……

      1. That is true…ink pen. What i used most was telephone. We have to queue in our neighbour house and see how it look like. Lol

        Peace and Love

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