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Adversity is marked by periods of misfortunes and distress. Studies have it that we experience lots of adversities in our lifetime.

Adversity has the potential to make one stronger. I came across a story of a lady who said that the challenges she had encountered at a very young age molded her into a hardworking person she has become.

You and I clearly know that no one likes hard times but they are inevitable. Sometimes when we look around, it looks like there are people who are more prone to adversity than others.

In my opinion, I would say try as much as you can to learn from difficult times. It is one of those situations you simply find yourself not that you would have chosen it; if it were down to you.

Be brave, and try to think 🤔 with you head, push your emotions aside. Remember that they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In addition, it is not permanent; meaning it’s only a phase that will soon disappear.

More so, you are not the first to be in such situation and will not be the last. Take a deep breath. Be grateful to God for sparing your life.

I hope you enjoy this post. See you on my next one.

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  1. This is straightforwardly powerful! A good reminder to us all facing these inevitable adversities. Thanks for writing this Vivien! 💕

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