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For some time now, I have been waiting anxiously to hear from a good friend. His name is John. Let me tell you about John.

In my previous blog “Writingisrewarding” I put up lots of post but had a few subscribers. I must tell you at that time I was more excited by posting and wasn’t worried about subscribers. So, John would normally email me almost after every post. I remember the first time he emailed.

I was pleased to know someone had read my story and took out time to write me an email. Since then we kept on exchanging emails. I never asked why he wouldn’t comment or something like that on the website.

I will describe him as gentle man and a man of faith. His words are filled with encouragement and wisdom. He is always grateful for little things.

In his emails, he told me about his health conditions, when he felt better,  and the kind of treatment he had received. He once told me how he cancelled an eye surgery and had gone for laser which he found better as it meant less recovery  and thanked me for praying for him. The last update was to let me know he had series of chemotherapy and one more to go. I continually pray for him and wish he gets better.

Months have passed and I have not heard from John. I have emailed him severally like usual but got no reply. I have missed hearing from him. Sadly, it’s over a year now. I have written a couple of posts I know he would have loved to read but got no email from him. I have missed how we both encouraged each other. I will always remember your kind words.

You will always be in my thoughts 💭 John. May God shower His blessings upon you, wherever you are.


6 Replies to “Dear John”

  1. It’s scary for me to think towards that direction. Chances are … I don’t even know what to say. Can’t just say it…

    It’s unbelievable the kind of people that come and go in our lives. You just don’t know their whereabouts any more.

    I appreciate your comment Elizabeth.

  2. That was beautiful and heartfelt Vivien, thanks for sharing.

    Hopefully John didn’t pass, but if so you’ve done a great service by sharing his kindness with your readers.

    To quote Shakespeare; “Praising what’s lost makes the remembrance dear.”

  3. Aw! Thank thanks Nick. I hope he hasn’t, you know… He was so kind. Some people are just so real and down to earth regardless of a physical or online connection.

    Thanks again.

  4. I hope you hear from your trusted friend, soon. If his spirit has ascended, he will be sure to inspire you from beyond, but it’d be nice if he were still around.

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