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Imagination is the ability of our minds to be creative or inventive. Our imaginations can lead us very far, even beyond human understanding. Imagination has so many advantages and includes the following:

Self discovery:Source:

Imagination starts with an idea and builds up, which can take a great path and open world of opportunities. Psychologists believe that most successive people had imagined their situation before it became their reality. I have always believed that you never know how far you can go till you give something a try. So, come up with that single idea and let your imagination lead you.

Boosts ones memory: It sharpens our memory and equally boosts intelligence. Imagination is simply creativity, just like in forming new ideas and images, using our minds. In addition, imagination helps in memory rehabilitation when a person have suffered a brain injury.

Important for children’s development:



Another quote by Einstein affirms that imagination is more important than knowledge. It opens doors to possibilities whereby a child can be creative, clever and think outside the box.  According to studies, imagination is not only vital for a child’s cognitive development, it gives them a better understanding of reality later on. More over, it is through activities like imaginative and creative play that kids discover the world.

Makes one empathetic: It makes someone more aware of others situation as you can visualise their condition without experiencing what they are going through. I consider this as a brilliant way of understanding the world; putting yourself in the shoes of others.

There are many benefits of imagination. Lest I forget, imagination transforms dream into reality. “You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” Mark Twain.

So I urge you to dream big, let your imaginations flow and you will never know when reality knocks at your door. Whatever you do, stay focused and positive. If you like this post please leave a comment.

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