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Christmas brings a warm feeling of closeness to one another. It’s a time to celebrate Christ’s birth. A time for family reunions. In my culture, people would travel to their hometown to be with their families. It’s time to meet all the extended families too😄

Just their homecoming puts you in a festive mood. Each year, it’s very different as cousins might have finished primary school and preparing for secondary school or even Uni. There’s always something intriguing to discuss. Besides, we all came back from different places. In my experience, I so much enjoyed the brainstorming.

Parents would buy new clothes for their children, clothes for 25th, 26th church bazaar day and New Year’s Day. Guys, that was the peak because even if you don’t get much clothes during the year, you are going to get one at Christmas. [writing this post fills me with childhood Christmas 🎄 memory]

Lest I forget, to the ever-caring Uncles and Aunts who put icing on the cake by being generous with gift items and money, I thank you all immensely.

I pray for Gods protection upon everyone this festive period. May families unite in peace, especially those Struggling. God of all Travellers, lead your people home safely.

Thank God for Christmas 🎄season.

Can you tell me your favourite Christmas story?

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  1. I enjoyed reading your Christmas childhood memories. I think my favorite memories are yet to come! I’m in the process of transitioning from “celebrating Christmas” to observing Hanukkah. 🙂

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