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Do you have that specific pressing need or problem that you thought you would have solved before the year runs out but do not see it materializing?

The year is almost coming to an end and you seem so clueless. There are Christmas decorations everywhere and it all appears to be hopeless. Do not give up! Have faith.

God is still God. There are still have lots of days in December. Needless to say, God can rewrite anyone’s story within seconds, as it pleases Him.

It can be very difficult and emotionally draining to simply wait for a miracle but His timing is always perfect, comes with exceeding joy and worth all the wait.

Don’t give up. Have faith and keep up with your good works.


Sending you warm wishes of love 💗 and peace ✌️ as Christmas 🎄 approaches.

13 Replies to “No Time is Late For God”

  1. Thanks for the inspiration. Faith is not believing that God can, is knowing that he will. True talk. May God continue to bless your hard work.

  2. As I commented earlier, I really liked this piece of writing, I want to ask that can I use this for our school story board, I will be pleased if you will allow!

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