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At times, we get used to some habits that we feel we cannot do any thing about them despite knowing deep down we can do better. It gets worse when we know our close friends are so accustomed to them too and do not complain any more but is that the way forward?

There are a lot we can do to improve on our selves. I like to think that as a person, you owe it to yourself to do things rightly before you begin to think of the impact of your actions on others. In my experience, I function better when I set myself a task to accomplish because I  find the problem, come up with a plan and set the deadline which is very different when am doing it to please someone else. I know this is very different for everyone.

Having said that, I do not imply that we make efforts to change our personality completely. No, because that is who we are. However, we can easily modify  by adjusting to better ways and not dwelling on certain ill habits because we think others tolerates us.

You can make an effort to improve. Do not forget that even the most lenient person has a limit to what they can handle. Don’t wait till something terrible happens while you can do something now. I know it can be very challenging to curtail certain habit but I guess that is what differentiates adults from kids because you know what’s good and the bad: even why you decide not to let go of them.

When you pick out that habit you want to ditch or curtail, push your self to see how far you can go. For instance, if you always make negative comments knowingly or unknowingly, try a whole day not to do it. When such moment is about to occur, pause and re-frame your words, take a deep breath or ask yourself,  is what I’m about saying that necessary?

Try it for a day… 3 days… a week … and see where you go from there. Your close friends might notice you sound very different but in a nice way. You would be amazed by what you have done for yourself.

You can do it, especially for you.

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