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Hi Friends, I recently moved from blogger to WordPress and my old blogs migrated too.

I thought it was high time I took my writing seriously and write more. I have heard a lot about WordPress and its benefits for bloggers. Well, I don’t consider myself a blogger yet but in contexts like this the word becomes handy. This is simply because I enjoy writing certain kind of stories and do just that.

However, I intend to write more often now and give you the contents your time deserve. Also, I’m going to try to be consistent. So, here I am trying to find my way around WordPress. There are lots of plugins, tools and other stuffs to choose from and various designs to explore. I hope it is worth all the hassle.Do you know any must-have plugin or tool in WordPress? I will like to hear from people with similar experience.

My blogger domain is writingisrewarding because then at the time I started it I clearly wanted to explore my style of writing to see to if anyone would connect with them and was not keen on having a domain with my name. In WordPress, I decided to use Viviensvoice because I realised there are people who connect with my stories.

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Have a productive week.


2 Replies to “Hello WordPress”

  1. You know, I couldn’t believe it when I first saw your page. Never seen anything like that on blogger but I think you know your web designs well not amateur like me😄

    Actually, I’m currently finalising my first novel and was looking at having a more professional site; couple of tips I read on the internet said having a dot com web address kind of makes people take you seriously when compared to dot.blogger…
    My publisher said I needed a proper website too.

    But I must say, I’m having fun here😄 The WordPress community is welcoming. I don’t know how you are doing it because I have seen you on other WordPress sites too. While I was on blogger, no one knew I existed except for a few email subscriptions and I had no community.

    I hope I have briefed you about my migration story?

    I need you to share your web design prowess with me so that my page will look like yours, just a little bit.

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