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Hi my lovelies, I have a beautiful story to share with you.
It was a mini exercise we did in the church: please keep reading. So, during sermon, the priest asked if anyone had one pence coin and that they bring it out. We did.
One Pence

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We were asked to look at both sides of the coin, close our eyes and differentiate between the two.

Most of us weren’t able to do so. Then, he asked us to pray for the blind.
He asked that we look at the side with the picture of the queen’s head and pray for the country and other nations. We continued and turned to the side with the picture of crowned portcullis with chains and prayed for all prisoners.
Lastly, he made us hold the pence in the center of our palms and prayed for beggars.
It was an exceptional experience for me: having to meditate, think about different experiences and challenges people face in their daily lives.
I love it when the word of God is so simplified and yet mysterious.

Have a blessed weekend Friends.


Sorry Friends, I had to re-post as the previous one would not open. Thanks to a loyal reader that made me aware.

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