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2017 has hit the ground running. I wish us all the very best and all the good things we wish ourselves. Let’s take each single day, week or month as it comes. If  the previous weeks have been good, let it prevail if not, better days are ahead. 

I ran into a friend who told me about her recent encounter with God. She began by saying that she had applied for a programme in the university over a year ago and was looking forward to it last August. Then she got pregnant and was very determined to carry on as planned.
According to her, she simply taught babies only sleep and eat in their initial months of life. A colleague at work had tried to discourage her and advised  her to defer the course because of the pregnancy and how difficult it would be when baby arrives but she felt like no way. To her, the year was already sorted and she could see herself doing them all.
Two weeks to the commencement of the course, she got an email from the Uni to say they are not able to carry on with her chosen programme and offered her another programme which she rejected outright. She could not believe her situation. She felt so shattered and disappointed. She was so desperate and wouldn’t let go. She went to God in prayers.  
Luckily, she was able to find another Uni that was running the programme for september but this time it was online. She felt consoled at last. Courses began, pregnancy going well and then baby arrived. She couldn’t believe herself; babies don’t just sleep and eat like she had imagined; they cry a lot, you barely sleep and becomes physically, emotionally drained.
She struggled so hard with her online courses and still on it. She told me she would have simply deferred the course if she were to attend to the classes. Now, she clearly understood what her colleague was talking about.

“I can’t believe I thought I was going would be able to leave baby and go for lectures. Like how?” She asked me. All I think about now is baby and baby. My baby comes first…

God knows it all my Dear, was my response. He is the master planner. I believe Him any time.
Finally, I know as humans there are times we tend to question God but in all things trust Him. Let His will be done.
Lessons learned:
Do challenge yourself. You can do it. Believe God.
She is studying like she wanted and baby arrived but God made it all prefect for her.

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