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I enjoyed this lovely sermon from my priest; one of his interesting lenten season preachings. I would like to call this, my favorite.

He talked about the marvelous works of Jesus and how he did masked himself most of times as his power would be too much for anyone he comes in contact with to contend.

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Applying the same masking formulae to humans, the reverse is the case. He told us that some individuals are living in pretense just to fit into the society.

He went further and said that such false way of living can momentarily be beneficial to us but most of the time it has an adverse effect on us.

He went on to tell us all to imagine what our lives would be like, if we truly show inner selves to people around us.
Take for instance:
     -A situation where we do not have to cover up to look accepted amongst our peers or colleagues.
     -A situation where we say something in honesty and people take our word for it.
     -A situation where we express ourselves freely without being afraid of being called names.
The list goes on…

It actually occurred to me that we live in a world where we most times find ourselves doing what is expected of us by the society irrespective of what we actually want or how we feel about them..

Do you think people around you know truly who you are?

P.S. It’s my first post for the year.
Have a beautiful 2016. 

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