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Hi friends, it has been a while. When I want to type, the creativity vanishes and I will say to myself  – its okay I will write later. You know the rest of the story when procrastination spirit sets in. More so, with busy work schedules, that did not help at all. I did miss writing so much.

I was travelling the other day while trying to rest my tired brain, with my eyes closed, I was drawn into the conversation of two women sitting adjacent to where I sat. They seem to be in their early fifties or thereabout. I will call them ‘Sara and Tara’.

Sara was telling Tara how her sick Mum who was actually a wheelchair bound turned around to be the one looking after her while she was ill.

‘Mum would wake up in the morning, come to see how am doing and bring prepared food for me. I have never seen my mother that active in the last three years. I usually go over every morning to help her with washing, cooking and tidying the house.’

Sara continued, ‘it is unbelievable what you see happening around you sometimes. At first, I felt so weak and unhappy because I was ill and very dependent on my husband and son. However, my mum being very supportive and somewhat independent thrills me. I cannot begin to explain to you how I feel Tara. I believe God in all situations.’

Tara sounded pleased with the story too.

Anyway, I began to do my own reflection and had some good thoughts to analyse too.
Sometimes, it can be amazing how what seems like a hopeless situation to us turns out to be a turning point.

P.S: Have a great weekend and a beautiful November in advance.

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