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Photo credit: CAFOD

I attended a CAFOD meeting on Sunday and was intrigued by the issues discussed and the number of people that turned up. CAFOD stands for Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. Their mission is to work along the worlds poorest people.

During the meeting, the speakers talked about climate change and how it affects various countries, especially those who already experience extreme weather conditions. They equally highlighted the significance of controlling energy  consumption in our various homes, places of work, etc.

Among many important issues discussed, included emulating country such as Germany that utilises more of solar energy. They were of the opinion that if Germans can do it despite not having much period of sunshine season then why can’t other countries do same?

Furthermore, we were encouraged to  sign a form which would ensure that the UK party leaders play their own part as the election draws near. Climate change posses a great threat to reducing poverty that exists in our society.

The event was concluded with a reflective moment and prayer. During the reflective exercise, we were asked to think about ways by which we can help reduce the impact on our climate. It could be by reducing our energy consumption, walking more, commuting by public transport than using own cars, or even by making a colleague or friend aware of the climate change.

Frankly speaking, I am pleased with the work of CAFOD in underdeveoped countries, as they go about to reach out to people in need.

You can look up the climate change campaign here:
Have a beautiful Month. Lets save our climate.

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