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The holy week is one of those days in the church I look forward to. This is due to the variety of hymns being sang and all the Latin aspects that comes with the occasion.

Let me give you a brief account of my holy week. So, I was opportune to attend the holy wednesday mass which kicked of with the stations of the cross. Mmm… I really enjoyed that bit because that was actually the only time time I was able to partake in it with my brethren this Lenten period. Personally, I love it when am able to go to the church for the stations of the cross with the congregation than when am alone at home.

Then came the Maundy thursday. For me, this event started with singing rehearsals,the mass and the procession. It was lovely as the hymns were so transforming and sublime. They included Love is His word, Pange lingua gloriosi, Panis angelicus(one of my favourite songs) to mention but a few.

Oh! Did I mention that we had the Bishop in our midst too? He visited us and was the main celebrant. His sermon was brilliant as he talked us through the reenactment of Jesus last days prior to his arrest. He encouraged us to watch and pray with Christ. The washing of the feet was carried out as well. More so, those points in the mass where a priest says a part and the other says another part stood out for me. I had a swell time. It felt like experiencing catholicism in its full splendour.

The holy thursday ended with the carrying of the blessed sacrament in procession to the garden of repose. The parish priest encouraged us to stay for a little while and say some private prayers.

I have an intriguing story for you now; while I stayed behind and prayed,I watched a lady who had gone close to the blessed sacrament and prostrated. That got me as I have not seen that act of adoration being displayed in a very long time. It happened to be that I had seen this very lady on holy wednesday tidying the church premises. So, on my way home, I saw her on the other side of the road and I waved her and said hello(I kind of wondered why I was saying hello in the first place). 

She crossed over to me and asked for my name,that she had seen me the other day…We became friends. She told me her version of the celebration, how she cried when the blessed sacrament was to be taken to the gardens of the repose and asked God to forgive her sins.She told me that most times instead of thanking God she complains about what haves and haves not.  She added that in the garden of repose, it felt like she saw Jesus.”I felt someone holding me” she said to me. I suppose she really had a divine encounter. From our little  chat, my new friend does lots of charity work and believes in miracles. Bless her.

Do you know what? I was actually pleased with myself that I said that ‘hello’ at that time.

Have a beautiful Easter celebration. Many thanks for reading.

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