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I saw this pretty petite lady dancing
throwing her hands freely into the air
in a not sunny nor cold but dull weather
some distances away from the bus stop in a busy area.
She was all smiles and looked completely happy. 
Clothed in a flowered colourful shirt, long spotted skirt and trainers
I suppose she wouldn’t notice the staring faces of passersby. 
She continued smiling and perhaps was worried about nothing.
Amazingly, there ought to be food and shelter
Some where for her.
If she can be that happy then why cant you?
If the very lady I just told you about
can be that pleased with herself and jubilate,
then, I would like to believe there are some many things you can be thankful for.
Stop being sober, be happy and worry less.
P. S. Thanks friends for making out time to read some of my posts. May your year be fulfilled.

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