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We need to understand that no one is completely complete on their own. 
The essence of having each other can never be overrated; be it at home, place of work or study.
That is why we should seek honesty in whatever we do.
There are people with large hearts but think they have to act otherwise because of an ugly encounter they had.
We should learn from all situations but shouldn’t let the bitter ones be a yardstick for our character.
Nevertheless, still believe that there are people out there with good intentions.
And you will find them.
Do not assume that all have evil minds.
Treat others well and expect nothing less from them.
That should be your guiding principle.
Assuming we all have the interest of others at heart and make life worth living for them.
Won’t the world be a much comfortable place for many people? 
For some, they already have a lot of trouble to deal with and your kind approach or warm gestures will make a great difference.
Do not make an already difficult situation worse; Knowingly or unknowingly.
If you can’t help people in your own little way, please do not make them sigh, shed a tear or get hurt.
They can still live being hopeful that one day all their troubles will be gone with the wind. 

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