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It was a friend’s child christening and I was opportuned to cover it. Hey! Don’t mistake me for a professional photographer yet. Camera was ready, mobile by the side and all were set for work. Lo and behold the Priest made a brief introduction and mentioned no snapping of any sort till he is finished. Did he just said that was the kind of look we had on our faces but I said to myself maybe he actually didn’t mean it.

To think of it, I have witnessed lots of christening and to be honest my parish priest do encourage photographs so I see nothing absolutely wrong with it. With that in mind, I pretended not to have heard this very priest. So when he concluded the mass and was about to begin the event of the day I started taking pictures not wanting to miss any part. He warned sternly that he doesn’t approve such. I then lowered my hand in an angle he wouldn’t notice me and my flash were turned off. Yeah! It worked till someone else snapped and he almost stopped the occasion, it was as though he couldn’t control his temperament but he then paused and told us the reason behind his no snapping policy. 
According to him, christening is a spiritual   birth and an act which should be considered sacred. He finds it displeasing to see how people see it as a fun party; where they take pictures and send off to the Internet or to show off. He urged us to reason with him and simply take a few photos with him when he has finished. 
Well, I kind of reasoned with him and that was very thoughtful of him. He Made some good points but I and my colleagues want to take pictures like we usually see in other christenings and for record purposes too and so was it. Unbeknown to us, one of my friend’s relative who sat at a different section recorded the whole event. Tada! By the end of the day we had  ‘the pictures’ and lots more, no offence though. 
If I may ask pls, what is your opinion in regards to taking pictures duringx a child’s christening? 
P.S Hope you had a great month? May the next month bring you favours. 

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