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We were in a gathering and as time went by I seemed to be disengaged from the chains of activities on display. I was basically staring and smiling; when need be although completely drawn into the the conversation of the people behind me. At first, I thought they were disturbing but moments later I eventually listened more attentively to them.

They consisted of three group of men and were obviously Africans and I understood their vernacular too. They chatted in loud tones, laughed and argued not minding not paying much attention to those around them. Infact, their attitude clearly showed ‘join us if you wish or you can simply ignore us’.

Crisis in Ukraine

Their discussion comprised global political issues, wars and crisis. They talked about past and current situations in different countries like Ukraine, Russia, Syria and the rest of them. To me, it sounded more like news update and they all seem to be varsed in the topics they discussed. They mentioned Putin and how he has been handling the ongoing situation in Crimea, Ukraine and couldn’t wait for Sunday’s referendum. In addition, they mentioned how the US system and UK economy might be affected.Names like Gaddafi and Mugabe were on their lips and they later narrowed down to African countries and discussed Nigeria in particular.  They talked about history and I enjoyed every bit of it, how Nigerians have been handling politics for the the past twenty years and the richness and unique of their oil and gas. They seemed to know a lot, when one comes up with a point the other will either criticize with a handful of facts be it positively or otherwise.

As they talked, the youngest among them painstakingly added that issues in Nigeria are so dreadful with so many churches in every nook and cranny of the streets yet no evidence of a christian or a caring nation. To my surprise, he punctuated his intense talk by saying that he doesn’t even pray any more.

It sounded like a bombshell to me but neither of them dragged it any further as they kept on chatting about the menaces in different places. I was then distracted and went off with a friend. If I am asked, it is of no good to us living a life without prayer because without God we are nothing. Amidst adversities, there are so many things one can still be grateful for or we can even pray for turnaround of situations, perhaps that can even be a time we need prayers most.

Obviously, we live in a time filled with economic meltdowns and hardship worst still, coupled with countries fighting within themselves and with another but we should not lose hope. We can pray for ourselves, our leaders  and our countries and especially for all the countries in distress around this time, asking that they live justly and peacefully.

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