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Good friends are hard to find but when you count yourself lucky to have at least one of them, do keep them. Sometimes, we might not be continually in contact with them but the fact remains that whenever we do, it feels so evergreen. It creates a sound state of mind as people understand and take you for who you truly are, without much questions or concerns for gossip.

Love is such a beautiful thing that we cannot talk about friendship or companionship of any sort without making reference to it. It drives us to do things willingly for the welfare and happiness of others. No wonder the bible has so much teachings in regards to love.

Drawing strength from the story of St Valentine, especially during his days in the prison and the friendship he had at that time. The story mentioned he had lots of visitors and many threw flowers into his cell window but amongst them were noted the daughter of the prisons guard, who visited him more often and helped him to keep his spirits up.

Unfortunately, we seem to live in a time where for some reasons most people are not genuine in their dealings with people, it is either they are with you for some benefits or they simply can’t be honest with you, yet they still want to be close and fit into the friend category.

Despite all these, I still believe there are some nice people out there and I  hope you are able to find that person that can be your friend even when the whole world thinks you are so wrong and deserved to be alone. We all need someone to help keep us going particularly in hard times, when we are all by ourselves and would do with some companionship. For some people, they simply decide to be disconnected with the world but that doesn’t mean that when eventually reached they would back out, instead they will forever remain grateful you did. Besides, those are the times to prove we truly care for someone because when we are doing so well and bubbling there are friends of all calibre in all nook and cranny.

As other remarkable days are celebrated so is today being celebrated. So show some love to someone, appreciate those that have made your live colourful in any way. Obviously, couples and lovers celebrate this day but it is not only meant for them. Ignore the fact that these days many ideas are overrated, you can mark Valentines day with family, an old friend, a colleague;anyone that thinks well of you.

 P.S. Happy St Valentine’s day Friends. May your hearts be filled with love of God and love of man. Cheers.

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