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I am delighted for having attended the “Ecumenical worship service for christian unity 2014” which took place at an anglican church in my neighbourhood. It was announced in my church and those who can make it were urged to come to, if for nothing else to at least represent our parish.

It was my first time in that church,as a matter of fact in an anglican church. When I got there, I met the first set of people who were from my church(catholic) and few members of the host church(anglican) who were running around to see that the day went well. Moments later our priest arrived and gradually the empty seats were being occupied. I admired the magnificent decoration and heavenly atmosphere.

The host Vicar welcomed the congregation, we were comprised of; Catholic( 2 parishes), Anglican, Reformed and Methodist churches, five different parishes were present. It was wonderful having all the churches in the area come together for such a unity service.

Meanwhile, over the years I have heard that the catholic and anglican ways of teachings are very similar to each other and had to testify to it that day. They were so true be it in the hymns, penitential act, readings and bidding prayers. Moreover, I loved the response during the prayers, it goes this way-
….Gracious God, hear our prayer,
    And in your love, answer. 
I equally noticed the prayers were based on the eight millenium development goals, which addressed the major global issues.  On the contrary, there was no creed nor communion; not that I expected them anyway.

The sermon was very inspiring as the Minister encouraged us to be good followers of christ. He admonished us to promote Gods name and the church although he spoke against people who worship a particular church rather than God himself.

As he preached, a feminine voice was heard from behind though what she was saying was quite unclear. It happened that the voice kept disturbing us. She interrupted him and thereby gained audience. A man followed her immediately who without doubt wanted to drag her out but had to let her talk as she kept saying she wanted to say something-

“I have been through a lot in life, I know God.
I am Linda….As she talked she demonstrated, letting her hands go as free as they can.
I have been through ups and down
I will tell you you this:
Never give up and always pray!
Never give up and always pray!”(I was startled when she said that, some of the congregation were nodding like it was a divine message).
Waving her hands she said “God bless you all”
She made sign of the cross twice before she was led out.
The congregation applauded her.

Later, the Vicar ended the sermon by saying “United we move forward against divisions and promote christianity by the unity of all christians.”

To sum it up, I had a wonderful experience being that I learnt a lot that day and from my point of view, I believe that christianity is about coming together to worship God.

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