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Last month, I had a kind of facial rash which I am yet to give a name. Maybe I would have to come up with a diagnosis for it soon. Initially, I thought it could be some of those pimples that do visit me when they want and leave without  traces when they are done hanging around. My guess was wrong because these I-dont -know-the-name-rashes actually did come to stay.

Over the week, they gradually built up and covered my forehead. I was worried about them and tried some anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory creams; Nixoderm, Skineal but none came to my rescue, although I didn’t use any of  them for a long time being that I needed something that could act very fast. Yeah, I needed my face intact as soon as possible.

On one occasion, I was in the bus and was thinking about trying out natural remedies than trying all these creams I didn’t find to be of much help to my case. I recalled lots of cases where I have seen or heard people said they used this or that on their faces and how effective it was for them. As I was about getting off the bus, a woman sitting before me dragged me back.

‘Do you know the green small lime?’ she asked.  ‘Lime? yes, I know lime’ I nodded at same time. ‘Use it on your face.’ I thanked her and left. Fortunately, I met her in the next couple of minutes at a bus stop, she then came closer and said to me that her daughter once had such bumps and lime was her redeemer. She was talking and demonstrating something which I didn’t understand clearly. As you can see it was that bad  which was the reason she called them ‘bumps’.


I was convinced I have gotten a remedy at last because earlier while I was in the former bus I contemplated using lime but wondered if it was going to be very toxic for my skin. But  now, my fears are been driven far away and it was more like a revelation. All I did was to browse for facts about it and I was in. I bought limes the same day.

Day two on lime therapy, am yet to see an effect and was going to panic again before my companion the previous day said I should scrub my face with it. The woman was demonstrating I should get the lime, cut into two halves and scrub my face with it. Oh! was that what she meant.I only heard lime and that was it for me, I used cotton wool to apply it on my face like I saw on the internet. Okay then, noted.

I followed the instruction the next time and my face could tell that lime really hurts. It does! I did it morning and night and a spotted a tremendous effect. In space of three days my face was good to go.

I learnt lots of facts about not breaking the facial skin by certain creams and hot water and how to use honey to wash it in order to nourish it. Honey makes the face feel so smooth, you just feel it. Lemon is very good too, its similar to lime but lime is stronger. I read a lot about the face now and am enjoying every bit of the natural remedies.

Let me tell you about my situation, the rashes I had were: a bit reddish, some spread out, some in clusters, had blunt pustules, sometimes itchy and hurts. At least, I knew it has gone past pimples. Hey! hope you are not thinking of any particular diagnosis for me right now? Well, my face is back now.

That Woman was a God-sent to me because I and lime are now buddies.

I would encourage anyone with some face rashes that seem not to be responding to creams to try LIME. It is very effective and acts quickly too.

P.S. I was meant to write this earlier before now to ensure there will be lots of smooth and pretty faces this festive period. Pardon me for that. Nevertheless, we all need good looks at all times.

Seasons greetings!

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