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I have actually seen lots of beggars and some homeless people but there was something about that woman I couldn’t just place. In fact, there is a particular man that do lie under the shades of trees and flowers on a corner in my area, although I have not seen him for sometime since winter arrived, I hope he has found a better place to lay his head at night.

So, it was a very cold day and I was rushing to a function but all of a sudden I was stopped by a woman; who at first was speaking a language I didn’t understand. I looked at her and she went on for about a minute or so before I was able to hear hunger and money. As she talked, the little child she was holding was busy playing and smiling.

Unfortunately, I had only few coins with me and handed them over to her and she mumbled words that sounded like she was thanking me or something close to that. Although my mind was occupied by other activities I couldn’t help but think about this woman and the small boy. 
I have seen lots of beggars but why it seems to be very rampant now is what I don’t understand, even in this unbearable weather. 
Later in the day, I discussed it with a colleague and he said some cultures simply like begging and can’t stay away from it. He added that some couple of years ago, some women carrying drugged children were seen on trains begging for money. That as a matter of fact, times have changed for good. No doubt he was right but I was of the opinion that when people look relatively fit it is better they find themselves a job;be it a menial one, as long as it brings them some quid rather than wandering the streets begging for money.
The rate at which beggars are seen on the streets of London now are very alarming. If you see one today, the next day it increases to three or more. Does it all boil down to hard economy?
What’s going on? 
Meanwhile, I recall a friend telling me the other day that when a haggard man begged her for money in an eatery she simply told him to choose something and she paid for him. That way she made sure he didn’t spend her money on purchasing some cigarettes or booze. At least, she provided him with a meal, which made a difference. 
Well, we should try in our own little ways to help people. That little could mean so much to them. 

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