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An elderly man in his mid-eighties arrived happily to his younger friends house. His friend who has been expecting him was quite surprised when he saw how excited he looked on his arrival. He hugged him and went off to make him a cup of tea because the weather was chilly.

‘I have been worried about you and how fast you were going to make it?’ He told him, fully cognizant of the fact that his friend can be somewhat forgetful, at times. Besides, he had a meeting to attend in the next few hours so, it was nice he made it on time too.

The elderly man smiled. ‘You are not going to believe what happened. ‘I entered the train without a travel ticket and was lucky there were no checks, I passed unnoticed.’

‘Oh! You did?’ His friend almost screamed covering his mouth…they both laughed. Now, he knows why his friend is kind of overexcited since he outsmarted some folks out there. They haven’t seen each other in a very long time and only talk on the phone though they chatted like the phone talks never existed. Later on, it was time for him to leave for the meeting in order to make it on time. However, he wanted to make sure his friend at least, pays for his ticket this time.

On getting to the station, the queue was so long and the ticket fees were saying different things ranging form £20- £500. Obviously, he didn’t have that much time to wait for him but to leave as soon as he can.

How much are you going to pay, he asked him. ‘Don’t worry, am not looking at any of that- referring to the the fares. I will speak with the Man at the counter, when it gets to my turn, ‘ the old man replied. His friend patted him on the back and left though he was worried about him.

Later in the night, he got a phone call from his friend telling him how wonderful his trip turned out to be. He said that after having a word with the man at the counter, he was able to arrange a £20 ticket for him; which was a first class and he was served a bottle of champagne. In addition, when he got to his destination, one of the staff followed him and called a taxi for him as well. What more can he ask for! He was all smiles as he narrated it all it his friend.

They both laughed and he was pleased to know his friend was happy and safe at last.

I guess it is always good to speak with the Man at the counter irrespective of the expected outcome or what the World tells us. 

Anyone can be favoured, with God there is no favourite.

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