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I am sending these stuffs your way to put a smile on your cute face and also make you feel less stressed in a very busy day. 

Please guys, you all should try and be ‘this’ successful so that we;the-successful-women-and-of-course-your-missing-ribs would be very pleased and blessed to have you. Oh! what a better place the world would be. In fact, if this were to be how terms are been defined in schools am pretty sure academic will be so much fun. 

Okada Man, didn’t you know what Gov. Fashola said or did not say before your carried her? Please Madam do not go down because obviously you know the law more than him. He actually should have an extension to make you more comfortable. 

Hahaha! Despite your score you still spell ‘dady’.With that POP leg? Please be on the watch-out. Hey you! Poor boy, 0/10? I pray you live to tell your own story. You might as well hold it properly because ‘dady’ might come from behind.

Dear Teacher, please I want more of you. Do you mind turning a bit to know what one of your products is doing on the board? Rather than allow other pupils watch him fill the whole gaps with ‘that’. Well, maybe the boy is smart and can simply put things together instinctively. Grammar made it easy!

I guess there is always a way out than get stuck. ——–> Take the other route! Ah! Don’t get it twisted, it could have different meanings depending on how you look at it. 


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