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Faith in God.
There is always a reason for everything that happens. Many times we worry ourselves and wonder why things are not as smooth as we want them to be.

Maybe, we simply like troubling ourselves because certain things we encounter are beyond our human understanding.

Most times, we feel we are abandoned by the Creator forgetting that He is ever faithful to His people. He never abandons his own.

We are all important to Him be it in our joys, sorrows and in bitterness. At any given time, He is fighting our battles for us, if only we can put all our hope and trust in Him. He will not let us down.

Even in our most difficult moments, he is making way for us. He needs us to know that we are safe in His hands remembering that He alone is the one who neither sleeps nor slumbers. He who was nailed to the cross knows our pain because he actually lived and knows what pain feels like better than us.

His words shall come to pass. 

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