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Seeing is believing. 

She was very pleased with him and want to be his for the rest of her life. He loves her as well and didn’t in any way hide his feelings for her. Well, who wouldn’t? After nearly 10years of friendship and relationship.

A lot have been done to ensure that they spend the rest of their lives together. They have been very close and well known to each others relatives. With luck on their sides, both families consented to their union and can’t wait for them to cement their relationship. 
As usual, they went for blood test as required by their Rev. It happened to be that the lady’s HIV result was positive but it was not revealed to her out rightly.The counsellor called the Rev. who is also a good friend of the man and revealed to him the outcome of the tests. 
They all got worried and questioned what could be the fate of these two long time lovers. To add sugar to the injury, the lady was 2months pregnant for him. 
The young man was summoned to the hospital with a panel waiting for him. The counselling protocol was observed before and after the news was broken to him. To their disbelief, he said they do not know what they were saying and that come what may he is going to marry his bride to be as scheduled. 
The lady was sent to different places to redo the rest and confirmatory test as well before she was actually made to understand that she is a carrier while the husband isn’t. She couldn’t believe her situation and cried like her world has fallen apart. 
‘Have you told my husband to be?’ She asked. The counselor nodded. She screamed. Raising her hands to her head. ‘How can it be? Darkness have caught up with me in the broad daytime!’
‘What did he say? My heartthrob has abandoned me!’ 
‘He said he is still by your side and that he is going to go ahead with the marriage.’
In confusion, the lady said, ‘…and you think he means all of that… My God where are you?… I have not slept with any other man … I have been doing like I ought to… Where exactly have I gone wrong? Tell me… ‘
Elsewhere, people have been talking to the young man to enable him understand his situation and the implications of what he is about to do. After so much talks from Tom, Dick and Harry, he made them understand that if marrying her woman in the next few days means having HIV, he is willing to get that and that they are going to die happily. 
Most people were actually shocked to hear him say that. He went further to say that he has known her for a long time, have seen various versions of women and none could be equated to her girl. She is simply the only one meant for her and nothing will change that.  
The lady continue to ask herself if she was in dream and how long she going to last in it. He took her to the Rev. and to his relatives as well. To her greatest surprise, he has actually brought her so that can help him reassure her that he knows what he is saying and doing and means every bit of it. He could not come up with any other way of convincing her since she hardly chats other than crying the hell out of her life all the time. 
To the dismay of some relatives and friends, he married the woman of his dreams. Happily wedded in church. 
My thoughts
Some guys for-some-reasons-best-known-to-them would have simply danced to the tune of the songs people sang to their ears lately and abandon their HIV- infected and pregnant Girlfriend not knowing that there could be a possibility that they are equally infected but he could be in his window period.
Not that it is a very wonderful thing getting married to One who has the infection but based on the aforementioned circumstances it is not a bad idea. 
In my opinion, that guy is a hero because many people out there simply take pride in finding faults where there is none let alone when such a huge issue arises. 
Whatever you do, make sure it is for a good Cause, do it for love and for God. 
What will be will be. 

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  1. everything that you write is very much inspiring, dear! keep going. it was interesting for me to read this story! kisses and looove Rita Armstrong xx

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