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The other I had a conversation which I found surprising very interesting with an elderly in his late sixties or thereabouts. Never mind, I am not so good in guessing age right but at least you can imagine what he looks like.

Anyway, he is a relative as well but that type that the family tie seems to be so elongated. Yes that type. We discussed varied ranges of topics and I was overwhelmed by how he seem to have a more intense view of almost everything. Old age indeed comes with wisdom. There were certain topics we seem to have strong different views on and on my own little part I would want to let him know my opinions and justify them as well while in some I simply suck in to his ideas.

However, when we got to marriage and polygamy in our modern society, it became a-no-win-no-loss game. I was of the opinion should be between a man and a wife no matter what the circumstances are. My biblical backups and the rest of them were not far fetched. And being something I so much believe in I was saying as much as I could to solidify my views.
He said he knows all those things am rattling and many more I was going to say. Hehehe! 
Listen attentively to what I am going to tell you, he said. 
I adjusted my sitting position and leaned forward. It was obvious that its going to be a long talk. He started by telling me a story about how their grandparents lived and how things happened those olden days. In his terms ” good olden days”.  He said marriage was highly rated and very scared especially amongst women, that they all try as much as they could to make their marriages the best.
He mentioned that polygamy made women to be very competitive in their marital homes as they always thrive to furnish their husbands with the best dishes. He actually made me understand that these women do have a particular day to feed and sleep with their husbands and usually makes the best of it. 
All these make the family to be in harmony and the man feels loved by all his wives and treats them according.he discussed this bit very well explaining how those women seek the attention of their husband. There was so much passion in his voice like he was actually there or would have preferred to live in that generation.
To him, marriages between man and one woman cause more problems and high rates of divorce which was not the case in the days of our forefathers. It only makes women feel empowered which they usually abuse and consequently treat their husband with a much less respect and it is not meant to be so. Children were taught how to respect their  elders, house chores and how to become good members of the society right from home. He made it sound like polygamous family are the best for acquisition of all kinds of informal education. 
He equally added that most couples in nowadays marriages are unhappy. 
Haven’t I heard enough? In as much as I know what I believe in and would stand by it, there were certain things that he said that really caught my attention and also made sense. Interesting how an idea  can be perceived in absolute contrasting ways. 
Well, am glad to have come in this present time. Can I know your views please?

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