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Last week, as I arrived at the Church about 15minutes before 12noon mass time, I met a group of people discussing what has happened few hours ago. A friend said to me, ‘Vivien can imagine that Fr was robbed during the 10am mass?’

I was surprised to hear that. To think of it,  I do hear of such acts in distant countries or other places but for it to happen in my own church sent me chills.  They said that the burglar made away with his laptop, phone, money and other things.

 A volunteer who usually sits close to the entrance door to help people out said that during communion time she saw a very strange face coming out from the other side of the building ( the section that leads to the basement and to the Priests flat ) with black bags in his two hands and made his way to the exit. She regretted not stopping or at least querying him. Other people were equally drawn into the discussion as they all were much concerned for the poor Priest.

Nevertheless, we all had to stop to attend to what we came for. The sermon was so lovely. One of his stories was about Doves. He told us about the absolute fidelity of Doves and how they end-up mating a single male partner throughout their lifetime. I found that really interesting. In fact, doves are my favorite birds for other genuine reasons and now I have a beautiful addition to that.

During announcement, he then told us how his apartment was ransacked by a burglar whom he said must have gained entrance through his open window. At this point, he stopped and advised against leaving our windows open when we are out. He mentioned some items that were stolen but what seem to trouble him so much was his laptop and backup. According to him, he has lost his 35years work. Amongst them were lots of vital information; in regards to his school years, Priest works, personal reflections, all his pictures and so on.

As usual, he had to stand for a while to say hello to parishioners after church, it was then that he said that while he was exchanging greetings with people after the 10am mass he saw someone standing in the front of his door with bags but it did not occur to him that he could do anything at that time. He could simply tell that there was something fishy about that person whom he said was not any of his parishioners.

To think that someone would deem invading a Priest’s apartment while he is in the Church preaching and within the same building is highly unbelievable.

Where is our conscience?

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