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It can be so lovely sitting outside and listening to nature. Sitting on a concrete bench at a corner outside my church made me realise that. I was waiting for a colleague who I was going to attend a function with. After some minutes of pressing my phone and virtually not doing any particular meaningful thing it occurred to me I can actually sit and be calm, probably do some meditation.

So, I went for it. The noises from whistling birds and that from a flowing water filled my ears, making me fully aware of the natural environment which I barely noticed some minutes earlier. It was a sunny day though  equally  windy moving the flowers and tree leaves form one direction to another.

It was so inspirational and meditative just siting and paying attention to all these than trying to do anything else. From where I sat, I could see passersby as well without them noticing my presence. Everything and everyone at that moment seemed so special and has a message to send across to me. Lots of wonderful ideas came into mind, showing me different sides to many issues especially in a more positive perspective. Some ideas that seemed so difficult to analyse or handle appeared so easy within seconds. It kind of made me see there is always an approach to everything and how little things we do for people could mean so much to them that they forever live with such memories.

Nature is beautiful and powerful. I guess we all need these kind of time to re-freshen our body and soul. It can also be a very good way of beating stress. I was pleased to have been some minutes early for my appointment which made this unique encounter and engaging discovery possible.

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