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I sat in the bus so tired when one of the passengers; a man who simply do not feel like sitting down could not just stop drawing attention to himself.

At first, he rattled a whole lot of words and I could not just hear a single thing he said though I cannot tell if I was the only one that was not able to understand him. He was shouting and no one bothered to stop him. He went on before he broke into a laughing session. It did not really appear funny but as he went on and changed his rhythm he began to make many people laugh and I smiled where I sat.

‘Can’t you all laugh or smile, at least’, he shouted. ‘It is not breaking the law and you ain’t gonna get charged for it.’ This time he said something I could hear clearly.

Another man sitting close to him began to chat with him and at a point asked him to sit down.

The weather is so hot. I can’t just sit down, was his response. ‘I am a spider man.’

It was then I noticed the way he crossed his shirt over his neck baring his chest. Its either he is simply high or something, unless the scorching sun actually brings the best-worst in him. He really made me laugh.
It was funny after all as he entertained us all. I guess he made some people laugh, probably those who might not have seen any reason to laugh lately.

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