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See through them.

There are times we tend to question some of our actions, especially in those cases where things went terribly wrong in the  past. We begin to worry and blame ourselves, analysing an already gone situation.

We start to think about how best things would have been, if we had done either this or that. 
It usually feels so easy to sit and criticize all our previous acts. But, what we rarely remember was how that particular course of action was the only thing or idea that meant so much to us at that given time. And how we were desperate to get them done. 
Whenever we noticed we have made a mistake or did not succeed in a thing, it is important that we should only see it as a lesson and move on. The reason is because at a certain time it made sense to us and it now belongs to the past.
At least, it shows that we made an effort. Besides, mistakes can help us find that very answer or skill that we require. Our ability to strive and rectify a given situation is what matters the most. 
In addition, there are certain challenges that we only handle best when we must have seen the other side of it. 

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