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God’s Family.

The other day as I was about leaving the church, I ran into a woman who usually sit behind me with her family. As we exchanged greetings, she beckoned on me to wait for her which I did. There was a function that she wanted to get full details of it from the priest so, I stood by the corner and waited for her as there were others before her who have one or two issues to discuss with the priest as well.

When it got to hers, she inquired from him about the function. It was a function that only interested parishioners will be attending outside the parish. She told the priest that she would be attending with her kids but as she do not know much about it she did not have enough money with her to pay up immediately. It was the last Sunday to pay up but the Priest told her when she can come and make a late payment during the week. 
While they were finalising the issue, his son who has been waiting for her too walked up to her and she joyfully introduced him to the priest. As they already knew each other the Priest said that he was pleased to know that some youngsters would be attending the function too. But the boy bluntly said that he is not attending while his mother insisted that he must attend. The priest was surrounded by others and had to attend to them. 
This woman felt very bad about her son’s refusal to attend the function. She was more angered that he made his intentions clear before the priest. Instantly, she scolded him and asked him to make sure he gets home before her and clean up the whole house before her arrival.
She and her little girl joined me and we left. She complained bitterly about what her son just did, saying that it simply tells the priest and others present that she isn’t a good parent. She said that his son is a very humble and obedient child but she cannot figure out why he did that. 
She kept complaining and said it was the devil that entered into him and made him say that. At this point, I was beginning to get worried as I think she was talking it too far. To think of it, he only said he isn’t going and I do not see nothing wrong with that. Besides, being a fifteen-year old, boys about his age doesn’t usually attend such function and he might have considered it boring. 
Although I know that church functions are good for people of all ages, I do think this case should be this serious. But I did not say anything in particular to her so that she do not think it is the devil that entered into me too and must have made say so. 
She said that he must attend it whether he likes it or not. 
On that very day, I met her again at the function but she was only with her little daughter. I asked after her family and she seem not pleased with them. She said that her husband said he was not going to come and needed a companion at home,which is their son, whom she already had told that he must come with her.
She complained about having wanted all to come along and how her husband said he is not interested. To her, this is quite unusual, her family usually pray together but now her husband don’t join them anymore and says that he do say his on the bed whereas she cannot tell whether he actually does. Once he is on the bed he sleeps off the next minute.

And they all worried her. 

I began to understand her better being that her reaction was based on the fact that they usually do all these things together as one lovely family. It made me wonder if there were other things wrong because with her complaints I just did not see her happy.
I encouraged her not to give up on them but pray for them as she is fully aware of the benefits of making God the head of ones home. I urged her to always approach them nicely especially in regards to their spiritual life. They can even play or make jokes about them. I tried to make her understand that when she talk her son nicely into such functions it would be more successful for her and very beneficial to him than forcing him, which could yield a different result.

She seem pleased with what I have told her and said that she is trying. We then concentrated on what we came for.

In my opinion, when his son attends these functions in good faith he would be actively involved and can do more on his own but when he is always compelled to do so, he might only comply but when he gains his freedom would never partake in such events. Then, what would be the essence?

Finally, I hope we all see the essence of worshiping God in our lives and various families. And to all those having difficulties in their families, the Lord is your strength. If you think you are the only one concerned while others have do not care, keep faith. God will see you through.

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