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In certain cases, it is down to luck that we excel. However, generally speaking, it is the amount of effort that we put in that actually determines how far we go.

For some people, it could take little time while for some it requires lots of hard work and more time but at the end we all get there. 
That brings me to the main topic. How do we ensure that the passion we have for a particular idea or an issue at the beginning keeps burning? It is very important that we always bear this in mind because we still need this very passion to remain successful at all time.
But this is not always  the case. Most times, we simply forget what it took us to attain a certain height in life and thereby easily let ourselves get carried away. Consequently, we fumble  and may be worst than how we were  before we ever got started. 
This is not only applicable to our studies or at workplace but can be seen in all areas of life. For instance, in relationships / marriages, always remind yourself of what it took you and meant to you to get to where you are and ensure you have that in mind to make you stronger and more productive, otherwise, you might simply feel so relaxed and unknowingly to you, you  might have deviated so much from the person you used to be.
In workplace/ school, it is equally essential because nobody knows it all and there are numerous innovations on daily basis, so do not relent. If you found yourself on top, always challenge yourself. 
It is applicable in our spiritual life and make us do things we could not have imagine. 
No condition needs to be stagnant as humans we easily feel bored and are quite insatiable.  Always challenge yourself by trying to be and remain on top. 
Always remember that the Rich (be it politicians, athletes, entertainers, movie stars e.t.c.) still struggle to remain on top otherwise it would have been when you make it once in life you back out but it is not the case. The struggle continues.

I once came across a write-up that says  ‘Always do the best you can while alive because you would have a longer time to sleep when you are dead’. That does not mean we do not have to enjoy our lives but it is a sort of reminder.  Besides, our motivations play an important role in how we handle situations.

Most people believe that attaining a greater height in life is very difficult and challenging while others think that the hardest part is to remain successful.

All the best in all you do. 

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