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The issue of a woman’s religion or perception of religion has been more or less no news. We are in the era where certain issues our fore-fathers never imagined have become common occurrences.

As each single day passes by, many people seem to be made cognizant of their evangelistic mission on earth and therefore go for it. There are now numerous Men and Women of God, with majority heading various churches. Kudos to them, there is explosion of churches globally. However, it would be very nice if all these reflect on the rate of crime we encounter lately.

Nevertheless, I was chatting with a mate yesterday and along the line she mentioned a new church in her neighbourhood that attracts lots of crowd especially women. She said many people have been testifying about the wonders the Man of God there performs. All thanks to his packs of -find your life partner, seeking for the fruit of the womb and the likes- crusades. Consequently, most worshipers are women who seek speedy miracles.

By the time I know it, we have already delved into a strange topic. She told me how she has quit her former church and now has another favorite and concluded by saying ‘what does it matter a woman has no church.’

I would not have minded pretending I did not hear her well but not on this topic. What she said re-echoed in my ears. Are you serious about that? I asked.

She answered by saying she knows I am passionate about Catholic church but when the time comes I would speak differently. This was how we ended up discussing about women’s perception of religion and all that it might entail. I could not believe she made such a direct statement.

In my opinion, women have religion. I believe so because when you grow up in one and value it so much you cannot be easily talked into a new one within a blink of an eye.  Besides, if you see religion as having a huge influence on your life you will simply prefer someone that reason like you but when it does not  necessarily mean that much to you, any place of worship ought to be suitable.

She asked what if I fall in love with someone that has a completely different religious view from mine. She almost sounded apologetic and wanted me to reason with her for my own good.

How is that going to happen? Who said I will call that love? These questions were prompted quickly in my head but I did not let them out out-rightly.

I have known many cases of what you are saying and I respect your reasoning. All am saying is that for people that want such, it is okay if it comes their way. I know no one is certain about anything in the future  yet we all make plans. If you think this is same for all women, then you are wrong.

What if you meet someone and they willing choose to switch churches because of  you?

Hey! Where are you dragging this conversation… Personally, I would prefer someone who is on same page like me. I am not willing to make someone change their church because of me. I guess when people do that their family and friends would know they did that for you and  that might affect your relationship with them. Please! I do not have such powers. I respect all religions. I can recall a time while in the course of  doing home visitation work as a Legionary we converted a neighbouring family, that is the sort of conversion that gives me joy. I mean not for personal gains.

Well, thats for you. As far as am concerned, no woman has a church until she is married. That was her response before I changed the topic…

I truly respect different people and their religions and have friends with all sorts of belief too. I mean no offense to any of my readers.
Please, feel free to share your  views.

Is it true that a woman has no church?

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