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Indeed, it is a humble attitude that we seek the face of God in times of difficulty as it implies we know He is our Sovereign Master; Who knows the unknown and sees beyond human comprehension.

These moments draw us close to God. We try to mend our ways while relying on His mercy to see us through. I can recall in my school days that at various institutions we only indulge in Novena, fasting and praying mainly during examination periods. We tend to act so religiously and would even be willing to make trouble with anyone who seems to be acting in a way we think would disrupt our prayers.

We do set all sorts of standards for ourselves during these periods. At one occasion, we extended our rituals to the due date of our result. It almost caused trouble because by then we must have graduated and could be carried away by the euphoria that comes with graduation. It sounds funny now but that was how desperate we were at that time.

Meanwhile, what amazes me is that we never declared a thanksgiving Novena or fast. We only bought petty gifts for thanksgiving and it ended there. I know this is applicable to all of us (including you reading) in our various lives. It can be seen also in the way we relate with one another, in the sense that we pester others when in need and can forget them for a very long time or till God-knows-when when all seems so well with us, as long as we do not encounter a problem that would mean going back to them.

That makes me wonder if most of us would have turned to prayer if not for hard times. Perhaps, tests, hardships and disappointments makes us more committed by putting us in the  actively praying mood which would not have been that strong  if we flourish effortlessly all times.

Difficult times continually remind us of our dependency on God and fill the gaps we might have created during the very good times. However, we still need to pray at all times.

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