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It was on a Mothering Sunday. The mass celebration was wonderful, with the lovely and gripping sermon by the Priest.

He highlighted many aspects of our lives where a mother’s role seems so incomparable and many more useful tips. Mothers were all dressed in their immaculate white blouses and blue diocesan attire. There were lots of of activities for the day like Women match past, football among others.

During the thanksgiving procession they was so much noise in the church due to women wandering about, talking to friends and exchanging greetings as well. It was such a sensational atmosphere watching proud Mothers parading with their various gifts  in dazzling and expensive accessories. The women’s to-match spoke for itself. They all looked adorable.

It was during this time that I spotted a little girl that was so quiet unlike other kids that were thrilled by the busy environment. Church time lasted two hours longer but eventually came to an end by leading into the occasion of the day.

The main occasion kicked off with introduction of the members of the high table and the usual introductory protocols.  I sat at an extreme corner because I wanted to watch  few of the events before going home.

I spotted the same girl again but this time I walked up to her and sat beside her. She stood up to leave but I made her understand that I do not bite and we sat together like friends. I gave her some minutes before I started chatting her up.

She reluctantly told me her name and either nods or shakes her head to whatever I say. I was surprised why she was here alone and does not want to go home but preferred to mope at rejoicing mothers and people.

I asked if her mother was present and she said no. I tactfully made her loosen up and had to understand her mood when she began talking to me.

Her mother was at home and have decided not to come to church because for some reasons, she cannot and does not have the uniform and would not like to watch her fellow women exhibiting. It brings her mother sad memories and being that she cannot withstand that, she chose not to appear in church.

‘What of your Dad,’ I asked. She shook her and nodded almost at same time.
‘Is he alive?’ She nodded. I was delighted to know he is not dead after all.

From what I made out, she lives with her mother and had other siblings which do not stay with them. She does not seem to know say much about her Father.  Perhaps, she decided not to say much about him.

Did your mother ask you to join her and stay at home?
Yes, but I did not want to stay at home on  a Sunday.

That was exactly the kind of response I was willing to hear.  I cheered her and told her that I like her courage. However, I probed further to hear the whole story because they come in pieces and am yet to fully understand it all.

She was not happy watching others while her own mother was at home and she felt so helpless about it.The fact that she does not know when it is going to stop bothers her too. She added that the previous celebrations have not been easy for them. She and her Mother would sit together while they watch other mothers display. She could tell her mother was not so happy but had to fake laughs and smile with other women as they both watched celebrating mothers.

At home, they would have fun and she usually prepares her a special meal for her but  the church part becomes the enemy owing to the displays.

I felt for her and wished there was something speedy I could do to ensure that in the subsequent celebration her mother would be participating like her mates…If wishes were horses…  I sighed.

I asked her if I can meet her Mum and she begged me not to think of it that she would not be happy to know that she have been discussing family with a total stranger.

I tried to see if I can be friends with her and probably see some other time and she accepted. Although, she said they occasionally worship in our parish.

I wanted to spend more time with her as her mood have taken a brighter turn but I have already overstayed and needed to go home.

I walked her towards the bus-stop where she boarded a bus and I went home.

My thoughts

I never knew Mothering Sunday could be a nightmare to any Mother or for a family.

If only this woman knew the impact of her actions on her child; physically and psychologically, she would have thought of something better.

Well, I feel for this woman too because she must have been going through a lot but I am certain she is not handling it well.

I wonder which troubles her the more; could it be the main reason for not being able to identify with this organisation in the Church or having to watch her mates display…?

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