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Amidst the struggles in life
Always be patient and keep faith.

At times, it can be very difficult trying to be patient.
There are moments we seem to be eaten-up by the silence of patience.
But what happens when you try to push and worsen the situation?

It is not always easy being on a queue.
Especially, when you do not know:
How long it will last,
The length of the queue,
And when there is no known time-frame for each participant,
Or perhaps if there could be any disruption.

Most times, we might wish we are on the fast lane,
Not knowing what the future has in stock for us.
We might wish we have the power to take others off our way
Not realising the fact that their time might not be appropriate for us.

Some people bear Patience- Ndidiamaka in my mother tongue
Is that an indication that they are truly endowed with this divine virtue?
Does the word reflect on their life experiences?
I wish I can answer that or you can tell better…

All you have to do is to exercise patience
Because God is in control and only His will comes to pass.

Breathe in faith, breathe out doubts.
Patience is a virtue.

2 Replies to “Being Patient.”

  1. Patience is a virtue. It was lack of patience that created this problem that began in Genesis 16 :1-16., that is, the problem between Israel and Palestine.

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