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I came across a leg condition and want to talk about it.

Please for my friends who may not have appetite for reading certain  health issues, I apologise.

A close relative of mine have been having some discomfort on his left tiny toe for years now which seems to be recurrent; as it heals over time and comes back whenever it wills.

Initially, he thought it could be from the kind of shoes he wear and tend to have loads of variety now but none was deemed fit by this tiny toe. It kept disturbing.

How it starts
He simply notices a bit swelling of the foot especially very close to the last toe.
It builds up as each day passes by and so does its pain intensity as it looks as though it is stretching the skin and compressing some nerves as well. And of utmost importance reducing blood supply to the affected area.

In matter of days, it bursts from the region that attaches the tiny toe to the rest of the foot.
Sometimes,  it could be clear fluid and other times it turns out to be purulent- containing pus I mean.

The worst of all, is that it is very painful and pain-killers like paracetamol doesn’t do the job except the likes of Ibuprofen or codradamol.

These phases last and for a while and then gradually subside and appear healed.
Although some home remedies were always of help.
For instance: Applying of hot compress
                    Washing the area properly twice a day
                    Applying antibiotic.

But it does not heal completely in the inside as it re-appears in about a month time or a bit longer.

After so much antibiotics prescriptions by GPs
Many episodes
It was time to hit the hospital.

Interestingly to me, I learnt that at the hospital most doctors did not know about the condition and were kind of seeking each others opinion till an Indian doctor came by and called it ‘AINHUM’.  And it remained Ainhum.

It was time for X-ray and MRI which actually confirmed diagnosis and show the extent of damage done.
Then, Specialists took over.

His case never got this bad anyway.

In hospitals, it is mainly by surgery either to link the connecting bone properly or to cut off the tiny toe.

I guess you now know what Ainhum is and looks like. It is on the tiny toe but can never be ignored.
You know what to do for more information. Before I forget, it was a bit hardwork writing this without medical jargons and structure.

4 Replies to “Tiny Left Toe.”

  1. Madam, Pls how do we identify this disease, what are the peculiar symptoms, and the possible cure.
    Aloysius C. A

  2. Signs and symptoms
    -Detachment of the affected toe( usually the tiny last toe

    In some cases, it revolves on its own and never come back. However, it's persistent reoccurance is a peculiar of Ainhum.

    Management or cure
    Is by surgery to remove the affected toe. It can also be carried out to link the the affected bones and connecting structures together, but this depends on the extent of damage done.

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