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I had a wonderful Thursday when I visited St Angela Day care. The kids were all lovely and adorable. I really had a nice time there and I think am beginning to envy those that spend their whole day working with kids. In my opinion, it implies that they hardly get angry and have to be in play mood most times. 
They do not shout to these kids or even smack them when they misbehave, rather they correct them in a calm and polite manner. They do this on daily basis, monthly, and for many years? What an essential ingredient for happiness and longevity.
 I had a chat with a Rev. Sr friend of mine, the person who actually invited me. She said Vivien can you believe I have been working with kids for over 35 years? How have you been coping with different kids from different backgrounds and perhaps values as well? I screamed. In response, she said that the kids they have here in England are few and not that difficult to manage, unlike her experience while she was in Malta.
She took me round the whole place and I loved their choice of colours. Everywhere was so colourful and very neat. The pink toilet was charming (maybe you could have lunch there). Their play room and garden were lovely. They had a roaster for daily activities which varies throughout the week.  Some of these activities include: Daily roll call, singing and playing instruments, educative talk by a staff, recreation, sleep, watching educating videos, listening to music from different countries and so on.
In Malta, she worked in an Orphanage. According to her, there were always many kids to carter for and they all need to be shown love and affection. She mentioned  a case of a baby whose parents got drowned in a river and another who was brought to them from  a river as well with no name and no known country of origin. Those children live on the generous donations of people.
 God takes care of them because they are His own. 



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