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It has been snow, snow, snow all the way.
The view is beautiful and lovely.
It’s whitish colour remains spotless,
so immaculate and incomparable.
Mid-day. My neighborhood.
No one knows what heaven looks like
but these days of snow and the peculiar views it leaves on places
instilled a special picture into my head.
Hope am not in fantasy world…
Night view. My neighborhood.
People wrap-up completely with hands gloves,
 All in bid to avoid catching cold.
Everywhere looks angelic.
I wonder what it would feel like
 if one wears summer wears under this extremely cold weather.
Perhaps that individual might freeze
and at some point require emergency services.
Car park.
Hahaha! More like it. Everywhere is totally covered by snow.
                                 Nevertheless, it poses much problem.
                                 Many travelers are stranded in airports
                                 as their flights are being cancelled due to bad weather.
                                 Some are left with no choice than to spend nights in the airports.
                                 For Pedestrians, virgin snow has no problem
                                 but old one can be sticky and slippery, thereby causing falls.
                                 A serious fall can lead to injury.
                                 Vehicle drivers have their story too.
                                 They can get stuck, roads become slippery.
                                 There are many danger signs.
                                 Meanwhile, kids love snow
                                 and really do have fun despite the freeze.
                                 They make snowman and throw snow stones.
                                 They play hide and seek under the snow
                                 and take lots of pictures.
                                 Some adults do a bit of that too.
Kids playing and others taking pictures in Finsbury Park.

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