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Just read the story of a 17year old Alice Pyne who died today after battling with a terminal cancer for five years.Her story was such a captivating one as she drew a list of various activities she needed to do before falling prey to death. Amongst these chains of activities were;

  • o get everyone eligible to join a bone marrow register
  • To get EVERYONE to have a bucket list
  • To get to the Royal Garden party in May
  • DONE – To buy a static caravan for my charity
  • DONE – To actually receive my B.E.M. medal
  • DONE – To go whale watching
  • DONE – To go to my school leavers prom
  • DONE – To meet Take That
  • DONE – To design a Emma Bridgewater Mug to sell for charity

To mention but a few, and she marked each one done when accomplished.Photos of me

One of that her updates that lured me into reading lots of her write-ups was a particular day she had difficulty in blogging and was pleading to everyone to help to her tweet “onelifeliveit” and link it to her blog.You won’t believe she mentioned spelling life and live correctly as it wouldn’t make sense when spelt wrong.According to her,the tweet was to help raise funds and create awareness for her charity. Meannwhile, She and her mother have been driving her round the town in search of unlocked wifi signal.

What a strong character.

I like seeing inspiring people especially when it happens to be young person.I wonder the kind of confidence these kids possess because I recollect another story of a little boy who was struggling with his life too and wished he could see as many sports cars  as possible, which through the help of his father’s online page was a huge success as more than 2,000 cars made it, and the little boy was overjoyed. He passed away few days afterwards. The interesting part is that they usually channel such acts to charity, thereby helping other numerous victims.

Life needs to be enjoyed to its fullest as nobody is certain of the exact day the curtain will be drawn.
Based on the fact that death is inevitable and can strike at any time, irrespective of the age, it leaves me no choice than to wonder why we find it difficult to help each other in the little ways we can to make life less stressful, at least.

In my opinion, these aforementioned kids are in Countries where they have great support systems.They have family, relatives, friends, health personnel, and of utmost important the government to carter for them and this goes a long way to help them live a  happy and fulfilled life before their premature deaths. In such cases, Victims are faced mainly with circumstances surrounding their ailment and / or management procedures and no added problem of poverty, ignorance and so on, which is the trend in most countries.

Unfortunately, they lived for a short period yet they tend to leave a legacy which many people cannot achieve even at old age.Their good deeds touched lives in peculiar ways and they are and will always be  remembered and celebrated.

My heartfelt sympathy goes to all sufferers of terminal illnesses (cancer) especially, kids who live in the remote parts of the world or under-developed countries. I think of them because their story takes a different turn, their illness might not be diagnosed, niether treated nor managed. They perceive life as filled with pain, sadness and torture while awaiting the day the gnawing teeth of death will bite them.

There are certain contributions that we can make in our various societies to enable others live a happy and satisfactory lives. It will be very useful, no matter how little. If only The government and leaders of most countries are fully aware of the ill-effects of their governance on their citizens, they will be forced to have a rethink and do what is expected of them.

Will they? I guess they will not, owing to the fact that their decisions project acts of extreme selfishness, embezzlement and corruption. Maybe they still can change someday.
What a world! The rich enjoys life and the poor suffers till death.

God help Us all. One love.
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